Color Consultation

Having the right color palette as a background for your furnishings is very important. It sets the mood for the environment and lifestyle in which you want to live.

Are you a sea breeze kind of person or do you tend to be more bold with your color choices? Perhaps you want a neutral background? Maybe you don't know and want to stretch your limits a little. That's great! We can help.

With a Bachelors in Fine Art and a Minor in Art History, Wanda has more than enough knowledge working with color to be able to help you select your colors and finishes as well as direct you to some great art galleries!

Home Staging

There are many reasons to hire a home stager, however, most people have never done so. Either they have never heard of one, or they thought they could do it themselves, or possibly they took a few tips from their realtor.

There are no credentials to be a home stager, so why is it important to have one? Staging your home can save you thousands of dollars up front by not having your house sit on the market for an extended period of time. When the market is hot, having your home staged can bump up the price of your home above others. In a slow market, it will move your home faster.

Purchasing a home is an emotional response. Yes, there is some logic that goes into it, but in the end, it is emotional. If one doesn't feel connected to the house, they are not going to call it home. And that is what it is all about. Turning your house into someone else's home. 

So how is that done? By decluttering (visit, organizing, removing items if need be, fixing broken items, painting if necessary and maybe renting furniture and art work to name a few options. Most likely, it is rearranging things that are already in the home. Like a big puzzle as Debra Gould of likes to say. Gould is an internationally known home stager and has been featured in numerous magazines and on radio and television.

Interior Design

Whether you are building, buying, staying in your home or even after your move, we can help you get settled in and make your new house the home of your dreams.

We begin by listening to what you want. Anyone can call themselves a designer. Anyone can bake a cake. The difference is knowing how to put all the ingredients together and knowing that if you leave out the sugar, it may look great on the outside, but once you take that first bite, it will not be as delicious as it looked. 

Listening to your desires and putting them together in a way that perhaps delights you beyond your dreams is our goal. We are here to make your dream home a reality.

 Three Palms Home Staging and Interior  Design, LLC


We offer a variety of services from up to two hour consultation services for staging or color consultation. To carrying your project through to completion. 

Having worked as a project manager for a general contractor, Wanda will make sure that your project is completed professionally and in a timely manner.

Some people like to DIY, others like to let someone else come in and take over. Which ever category you fit into, we can give you the road map to success for your project.